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Welcome this website, created for my visitures to view my history as designer, abilities and my creations.

Young, Creative and very Ambitious

I have a graduation in fashion apparel at well merited fashionschool ESMOD. In the heart of Paris where many of the worlds greatest creators in fashion vecue(lived)back in the 90's.

After an internship at JC Company (Jeans & cloth in youth and casual fashion) I'll studied merchandising To give me good bones for future careers...

The Passion for Textile Design 

In Boras that where the heart of textileproduction in Scandinavia since 100 years. I started my first emploment as Textile Designer at a wellknowend Textile Agency with an big net work of supplierschain around the world, I bloomed with inspiration and passion for my ability to create surface design's colours and new weaves for customers around Scandinava. Here was where I got the "know how" in this buisness after carring out design services to many.

And since I worked professionally for more then twenty years in this segment of home decoration, in product development and creating collection's and assortment for department stores in home decoration.
I got expertise skills in supporting merchandising.

Textile Industry Experiences is rare today


As Textile Designer I have experiences of the production processes in Weaving mill, Terry mill, Finishing mill and Sewing mill.
Develop new trend tendencies and collections, to create new print design the colourings and develop on new product qualities, and taking care of the customers services request.

Fair trade show’s I designed the stand booth and did attend at the fair with sales support to build customer relations around the world.

My experiences are from textile Agency, with there suppliers contact's where from Portugal the Baltic Countries too as far away as Pakistan and India.

And from my time workin with Krenholm Manufacture industry in Narva, Baltic country Estonia owned by Boras Wafveri Holding AB to recent assignment ACS Textiles in Bangladesh Ltd. 

Interiordesign and Architecture educated 

Since young age I alway's had fascination for architecture and drawing houses. In 2003 I’ve got the opportunity to studie for a year in

Chelsea College of Art & Design in London. 

Where I experienced education in different environment assignments such as spatial to domestic design interior and did graduated with an BETC -in Interior & Spatial design.

Creative Designer in own Studio 

Gave me some years to test my own ability to perform as freelance designer, caring out consulting services in design work for customers request around the world. 
To challenge myself creating, experiences, challenge working in new materials and to find new customer areas or platforms.

"Therefore to find my own blueprint"

Skills I've learned and used, all my travels, meetings with companies and to other cultures and people I have today my design represented all over the world, from showrooms on Manhattan to home decorating department stores in Australia and Japan. And co-worked on a new concept label that is adored by many.

2019 I ended my studio though for new competitions as the new webindustry, family life and the corona pandemie struck the world..

Today I have the focus on the family life, new intrerrest for gardening and our house project's together with my husband and children...



“Katarina is creative, with many ideas for design's and new inovative look's.

Have the eye for colours and accurate in here work detailing process”

Toni Saarinen

CEO Sockgrossisten AB 



Concept bedding: Ranch Romance

Indigo with the look of denim with yarn-dyed, washed and jacquard-woven native prints. Decorated embroideries and tie-bands detailing


Momtex Expo Ltd, Bangladesh


Textile print designs.

Concept bedding: Boho Chic

Romantic vintage look, washed fabrics from burn pastels to coral. Structure Jacquards, pattern and prints. Accents detailing of embroideries and pompoms

Design Consultant

customer: Hemtex concept for ICA


Textile print design, exlusive for ICA by Hemtex. Bedsets and terry collection.

Concept bedding: Forest & Craft

Eco-friendly concept in greens accentued with yellow. Paint-stained, discharge prints. Linnen(flax fiber) and jacquards. Throws maltase structures

Concept Design

customer: Nääsgränsgården


Small summer collection print design, kitchen assortment.

Design Consultant

customer: Hemtex concept for ICA

Textile print design colletion, bedset and terry collection made exlusive for ICA by Hemtex.

Concept Design
Project: STORY
customer: SAGAFORM


Concept design assignment. Collection with mixed assortment in hardware and textiles.

Design: Bubbles

customer: Kinnamark Textile


Print design and coloring variations.